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The smart way to loan.

Welcome to Smyth Loan Co Pty Ltd.
Your trusted digital mortgage broker and home loan specialists!

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We understand that finding the right home loan or finance option can be a complex and time-consuming process - We are here to simplify that process and streamline your lending journey.

As a modern and innovative business, Smyth Loan Co merges the latest technology with extensive lending expertise, providing tailored solutions built specifically towards your needs.

We operate remotely across Australia, servicing all States and Territories. We understand that people lead busy lives and as such, we are flexible with our time. We are anywhere, anytime.

Specialising in residential home loans and investment loans, refinancing, debt consolidation, and construction funding, our 18+ years of finance mastery comes with access to a network of over 50 esteemed lenders.

Beyond a mere transaction, a loan symbolises a transformative journey—one we embark on together, fueling your path to dream and achieve a brighter future… Join us in igniting this journey today.

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Need to increase your borrowing capacity? We’re sharing our latest tops tips to help you increase your borrowing power, so you have more dollar$ to buy your next home! 🔑📈

Tip 5: Power-Up Your Savings

Demonstrate financial discipline by consistently saving. Lenders are impressed by a strong savings history. Make it a habit to save regularly, keeping a designated account for your property deposit. Show them you’re ready!

If you want to chat to an experienced broker who can help you identify ways to increase your borrowing capacity, get in touch today!

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Aussie home values went up 0.7% (on average) in June… so let’s take a dive into what’s happening in each capital city:

• Sydney: 0.5%
• Melbourne: -0.2%
• Brisbane: 1.2%
• Adelaide: 1.7%
• Perth: 2.0%
• Hobart: 0.1%
• Darwin: 0.0%
• Canberra: 0.3%

If you’re planning to buy, call us and we’ll talk you through what it means for you! 📞

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🔍 Searching for a trustworthy and experienced broker near you? Your search ends here! We help with:

• Home loans
• Refinancing
• Investment loans
• And more!

Unlock possibilities today and give us a call! 📞

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Secure your dream home with confidence by mastering the 5 pillars of creditworthiness: Capital, Character, Collateral, Conditions, and Capacity. 🏡💼

Get in touch with us now, and let's navigate the 5 C's together!

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Ready to discover the keys to increasing your borrowing capacity? We’re sharing our best tips to help you improve your borrowing power! 🔑📈

Tip 4: Slash Unnecessary Splurges!

When banks assess your borrowing capacity, they look at your living expenses. Trim down on non-essential spending like dining out and entertainment. These small adjustments can boost your borrowing capacity down the line!

If you want to chat to an experienced broker who can help you identify ways to increase your borrowing capacity, get in touch today!

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Don't let confusing finance lingo hold you back! 🏠💼

Understanding stamp duty means you won’t face any nasty surprises when you settle on your next home.

Ready to empower yourself with financial knowledge? Hit follow today!

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🚨 The Reserve Bank of Australia has just announced their latest update for 2024. 🚨

The cash rate remains on hold once again this month at 4.35%.

It looks like we won’t see a reduction in the cash rate (or interest rates) for some time yet. If you’re feeling concerned about the current interest rates, you can always reach out to us to discuss your options! 📞amp

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Who is Smyth ?

Smyth aka Jason Smyth, is firstly, a born + bred Tasmanian (one-head, not two).

He is a down-to-earth human being (part-time machine), well adept in the art of mortgage broking.

He has veteran of home loans, having seen thousands in his time.

He is a larrikin, yet is an honest, hardnosed workhorse, & all-round good guy.

He is meticulously thorough & takes great pride in assisting others achieving their goals.

He loves seeing smiles on faces & hearing the joyous reactions whenever a loan is approved!

He has a passion for the outdoors, big mountains & the water.

He is a ‘tell it how it is’ type of person.

Most importantly though, he is here to help you!

He is Smyth Loan Co.

Katie Miller
Katie Miller
7 June 2024
Thank you so much Jason for the amazing help you gave us with getting our home loans sorted as we went from one house to two! What could have been a really stressful situation was made really simple by the way in which you communicated and problem solved for us. I felt like we could trust you straight away, you outlined the facts, gave solutions and proactively worked towards our goal. We felt kept in the loop at all times and you gave us confidence in what we were doing. You have exceeded our expectations of what a broker does by a mile and would recommend you to anyone. Once again, thank you!
Annie Gardner
Annie Gardner
4 June 2024
Jason helped me to find the right property loan to build a granny flat. He's professional, friendly and knew all necessary information & documents required. The application was completed online which saved me a lot of time. He ran through several mortgage options and managed to find the most suitable loan possible.   Jason provides excellent and exceptionally quick service, highly recommended him for everyone who is looking for an experienced and a reliable mortgage broker.
Michael Doran
Michael Doran
22 May 2024
Jason has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process of my fiance and I buying our new home. He has been very quick to respond to any questions or queries we've had, and done all the hard work for us, condensing it all into a very easy step by step process. Do yourself a favour and give Jason a ring if you ever need a broker to sort everything out for you.
Jacobus Jak
Jacobus Jak
2 May 2024
Jason at Smyth Loan Co is a legend ! Prompt responses to any questions we had. kept us going through the process as we managed our busy lives. Smooth a process as it could be. Couldnt recommend Smyth Loan Co Enough !
Kaitlin Cane
Kaitlin Cane
30 April 2024
Jason went above and beyond! He is incredibly knowledgeable and provides an exceptional level of service. I had a very positive experience and highly recommend. 10/10
Jessica G
Jessica G
28 April 2024
Jason has been beyond helpful with facilitating property purchases and refinancing loans. We are always thrilled with his service and would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Jason for going above and beyond for us to achieve the best outcome possible.
Miffy Wedd
Miffy Wedd
20 April 2024
Jason was wonderful to work with and made the process of refinancing easy and stress free. We can’t thank Jason enough for his help.
28 March 2024
Jason has been extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. I definitely recommend his services.
Kath Franks
Kath Franks
28 March 2024
We had a fantastic experience with Jason. He was incredibly supportive, easy to communicate with, and provided excellent guidance throughout the process of buying our first home. His professionalism and prompt responses made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable broker.
Yarran Crichton
Yarran Crichton
21 March 2024
Jason was more than helpful throughout the entire lending process

Why Smyth Loan Co ?

At Smyth Loan Co we work with five important key values including:

    1. Expert Advice 

    2. Digital Convenience

    3. Speedy yet Thorough

    4. Personalised Finance Solutions

    5. Transparency and Honesty

We care about you and your goals!

We want to save you time and money

We speak bank so you don’t have to
We are here with you, and for you
We assist in seeing dreams becoming a reality

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