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Professional Packages

Professional packages are specialised mortgage products tailored to the unique needs of certain professional groups, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, & other high-income earners.

These packages offer a range of benefits and features designed to help professionals secure financing for their home purchases while maximising savings and flexibility.

Some lenders will allow certain professionals to borrow between 90-95% exclusive of Lenders Mortgage Insurance at highly discounted interest rates.

You do have to show relevant member registration &, OR, show a net income over a minimum pre-determined level by a bank to qualify.

We have great relationships with out lenders & it’s not only professionals we can get specials for – Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, & even University Students qualify for such through specialist banks at our disposal.

Reach out to us here at Smyth Loan Co if you have any questions or would like to know what discounts or packages may apply.

Here’s a brief overview of some benefits of Professional Packages:

  1. Targeted to Professionals: Professional home loan packages are specifically designed for individuals in certain professions who may have unique financial circumstances or income structures. These may include doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, or other high-income earners. Lenders recognise the stability of income and career prospects typically associated with these professions, making them attractive candidates for specialised mortgage products.

  2. Tailored Benefits: Professional home loan packages often come with tailored benefits and features aimed at meeting the specific needs of professionals. These may include discounted interest rates, reduced fees, flexible repayment options, higher borrowing limits, or access to additional financing products such as lines of credit or offset accounts.

  3. Discounted Interest Rates: One of the key benefits of professional home loan packages is the potential for discounted interest rates. Lenders may offer lower interest rates to professionals as a way to attract and retain their business. These discounted rates can result in significant savings over the life of the loan, helping professionals build equity in their homes more quickly.

  4. Fee Waivers or Reductions: Many professional home loan packages waive or reduce certain fees associated with mortgage products, such as application fees, annual fees, or valuation fees. This can help professionals save money on upfront costs and ongoing expenses associated with homeownership.

  5. Flexible Repayment Options: Professional home loan packages often come with flexible repayment options to accommodate the variable income streams and financial needs of professionals. Borrowers may have the option to make extra repayments, access redraw facilities, or choose from various repayment schedules to align with their cash flow.

  6. Additional Features: Depending on the lender and the specific package, professional home loan packages may offer additional features such as offset accounts, which allow borrowers to offset their mortgage balance with savings held in a linked account, potentially reducing interest costs over time.

  7. Personalized Service: Professional home loan packages may also come with personalized service and dedicated relationship managers who understand the unique needs and preferences of professionals. These professionals can provide tailored advice and support throughout the home loan process, from application to settlement and beyond.


In summary, professional home loan packages offer tailored benefits and features designed to meet the specific needs of certain professional groups.

Professional packages provide professionals with discounted interest rates, fee waivers or reductions, flexible repayment options, and personalized service, helping them achieve their homeownership goals whilst maximizing savings and flexibility.

We work closely with the banks & are able to negotiate professional packages based on your specific situation.

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